Flip chip COB LED – Ultra fine pitch LED Wall display technology

Flip chip COB technology have several unique advantages on many aspects. High brightness & high contrast, wide viewing angle and low bluelight emission can provide better viewer experience. Unique features of waterproof, shockproof, static free, anti-oil stain, excellent heat dissipation will provide high reliability for owners.

It is invincible for control center, conference, TV, subway, large scale events, education, medical diagnosis, advertising etc. applications.


What is Flip-chip COB LED Display Technology?


Flip-chip COB Feature Highlights:

High Contrast & High Brightness

ZERO light blocking enables superb sharpness and contrast

Wide Viewing Angle

Almost 180 degrees with same brightness and color contrast

Shock Resistant & Waterproof

COB Epoxy Layer strongly protects the once-fragile display

Eye-friendly Displays

Lower blue light emission prevents eyes strain even under long exposure to the display

智能燈系統 照明設備 幕牆工程

Flip-chip COB LED Display is the latest LED Display technology

Only 3 companies in the world can mass produce flip-chip COB LED Display: China CEDAR, Japan SONY, South Korea Samsung

Xtreme lighting are honored to be sole agent of CEDAR COB LED Display in Hong Kong and Macau

CEDAR agent

Hong Kong Flip-chip COB LED Display Showcase

Landmark Chater House COB LED Wall Project


Flip-chip COB LED Display Showroom in Hong Kong

XTREME lighting Hong Kong showroom has several COB LED module with different pixel pitch at P0.9, P1.2, P1.56, P2.5

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Flip-chip COB LED Display Specification

CEDAR Flip-chip COB LED Display

MCC Series Model No.

  • MCC007 (Flip-chip COB P0.7)
  • MCC008 (Flip-chip COB P0.8)
  • MCC009 (Flip-chip COB P0.9)
  • MCC012 (Flip-chip COB P1.2)
  • MCC015 (Flip-chip COB P1.5)
  • MCC019 (Flip-chip COB P1.9)
  • MCC025 (Flip-chip COB P2.5)